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About the Artist

Evan Westerlund is a country artist/songwriter based in Malmö, Sweden. Born and raised in Canada, his roots are in southern Sweden where his relatives are rooted back to the 1600's. His great grandfather was born and lived in the Malmö area, until migrating to the the U.S.A in the late 1800's.

Since his debut release of Howlin' At The Moon in 2007, he and his band The Smokin' Guns have delighted audiences with high energy country rock, americana, and traditional country twang at a variety of venues across Sweden and Denmark, including a number of top position main stage festival performances in both countries. 

Songs from the sophomore recording Still Crazy managed to find their way to radio playlists in over 20 countries, and has garnered consistently strong reviews. Due to its tornado theme, Springtime in Nebraska became the music bed for extreme weather reports in Nebraska. The song Ghost Riders from the Howlin' at The Moon album was featured on the Brasilian prime-time television program Amor Eterno Amor.

His repertoire of original music, we believe you will find to be high-octane, musically and lyrically sound, landscaped & laced with stories of love, pain, death, disaster, and more.

Record Reviews


  • Howlin' At The Moon

    Love, Pain & The Whole Damn Thing


  • Still Crazy

    Raw Energy

    From the first guitar lick...

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